The Benefits of Steel Systems

Our systems save time and money.

Take our roof trusses for example. They’re lightweight and easy to handle. Two workers can easily lift and move lengths up to 37 feet long. We make our trusses from 16- or 18-gauge galvanized steel that’s cold formed into profiles right in our plant before assembly by our skilled team of professionals. We handle all phases of the design and production process, so you can count on perfect details every time. We guarantee it. Our roof trusses go down with self-threading screws and they cost less than wood trusses on spans over 20 feet.

Our steel components are stable.

Unlike wood, steel just sits there. No drying, no shrinkage, no twisting, no mold, no surprises. As lumber quality declines, and high-moisture lumber becomes a common problem, more and more builders are turning to steel. And it’s easy to see why. Steel structures are a predictable, reliable alternative that’s superior to wood structures in every way. Steel is also lighter in weight for a given strength. In fact, our roof trusses can be spaced 24″ apart instead of the maximum 16″ for wood.

Our steel trusses span up to 60 feet.

The strength and span of our steel roof trusses isn’t limited by available lengths of lumber like wood trusses are. All our components are made from continuous lengths of galvanized steel that’s cold formed into rigid profiles as it comes off rolls. Unlimited material lengths is one reason our trusses are strong enough to be spaced 24″ apart instead of the usual 16″ for wood. All steel components are joined using self tapping screws and plates – the industry standard for joining light-gauge steel.

Our steel components are truly green.

Used as a building material, steel reduces harvest pressure on forests and is exceptionally easy on the environment. That’s why steel earns LEED points in building projects. The galvanized steel we use is made from 75% recycled feed stocks, which is much higher than required to contribute to LEED credits 4.1 and 4.2. And of course steel structures and our components are fully recyclable when building life is over. These are some of the reasons steel is a key part of the resurgence in manufacturing that’s showing up across North America. Innovative steel fabrication work like ours is taking off.

Our steel components last.

All steel is insect proof, but the galvanizing process that’s applied to our steel also makes it highly rust resistant. This means our steel systems can last longer than any kind of wood structure, and we’re mold-proof, too. Studies show that steel structures are more resistant to damage by earthquakes and high winds, too. There’s a reason that large commercial buildings and residential units have been made with steel for years, and those reasons make just as much sense for smaller homebuilding projects and light commercial work. The durability of our steel systems is second to none, and they don’t cause the kind of seasonal uplift problems associated with wooden structures that rise and fall with changes in temperature.

If you’re not building with more steel than you were five years ago, you’re letting profits slip through your fingers. This is especially true when it comes to our steel systems. They boost construction speed, strength and ease of light construction in ways that no one could have guessed 20 years ago.