Structural and Material Specs

Structural and Material Specifications include; Foundation, Steel Framing, Roof Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, Insulation, Drywall, Doors, Windows, Roofing, Exterior Finish, Flooring, Fixtures and Finishes, Heating and Air Exchangers.

Package specifications can vary based on the type and location of your project to ensure you get a home that suits your exact needs.


FoundationSteel FramingRoof FramingElectricalPlumbingInsulationDrywallDoorsWindowsRoofingFlooringExterior FinishesFixtures and FinishesHeatingAir-Exchanger

We are proud to offer a SPX galvanized steel panel foundation system that replaces the use of concrete entirely. The specialty steel panels are made with G90 16-gauge steel that satisfies structural performance requirements for lateral earth pressure and uniform engineering. The foundation system panels can be field assembled, or as pre-assembled panels.

The exterior wall panels consist of 6” 18-gauge cold formed steel stud’s wit top and bottom track. The interior wall panels consist of 3 5/8” 20-gauge galvanized steel studs with top and bottom track. Window and door openings are supported manufactured headers and king studs. For lateral bracing of wall our panels, 16-gauge steel straps and shear plates are used. All steel frame assembly is screwed together with self-tapping screws. No welding required!

Truss chords are made with 18-gauge galvanized steel while the webs are composed of 20-gauge galvanized steel. All trusses are designed to meet environmental forces and loads based on the Ontario Building Code.

Electrical wiring required for our homes consist of UL-approved insulated electrical cable, receptacle, switch boxes, and circuit breaker. Since our studs are manufactured with pre-punched inlets, wiring is easily ran and installed throughout the units.

Water is delivered throughout our homes with CPVC and copper pipe and fittings. The waste drain and vent piping consist of ABS piping.

In order to provide max. energy efficiency, our homes are super insulated with high R value insulation. A combination of vapor  barrier, rigid foam insulation board, and fiberglass insulation is used in our exterior walls, interior walls, and ceiling to regulate exothermal variations.

Interior walls are covered with standard ½” fire-rated drywall that is screwed directly to the steel studs with self-tapping screws. Once installed, the drywall boards receive taping and mudding to provide a smooth surface that can be painted or textured.

All of our homes come with optional styles of exterior and interior doors that include steel insulated doors, smooth flush doors, hollow core, solid core, and six panel colonial styles.

Window style and sizes vary on house models but are generally composed of a vinyl frame with single or dual glaze glass. Frame is extruded with flanges for ease of installation and screwed directly to the steel framing with a waterproof barrier.

Choice of roofing materials are asphalt shingles, metal shingles, or concrete tile. All roofing materials vary in color and style depending on the preference of the customer.

Flooring type and style is optional depending on customer choice. Standard flooring that’s included is vinyl click and laminate flooring.

Optional exterior finishes include a stucco system or vinyl siding (choice of color) with 2” rigid foam insulation as a base.

Laker homes are finished with quality plumbing, mechanical, and electrical fixtures. Additionally, wall, door, and window trims are provided and installed for aesthetic appeal.

Our modular homes come standard with a high efficiency in-floor heating system.

To keep things fresh, our modular homes encompass a Venmar air-exchanging system.