Pre-Packaged Home Kits

We offer manufactured turn-key, pre-packaged house kits that can be delivered anywhere around the world. Our steel homes replace conventional wood structures by providing a stronger structure that does not degrade over time. By building with steel, houses are build faster, are stronger, and provide a long lasting product that are truly better.

Our pre-designed models are structurally engineered for energy efficiency and ease of installation; requiring little skill to interpret and assemble. Our pre-packed steel home kits are highly adaptable to any project or climate with superior earthquake and hurricane performance. They don’t rot, warp, split, crack, creep, expand, or contract with moisture; offering the perfect solution for homes needed in harsh climates.

All of our offered models come with standard building materials that are chosen based on cost efficiency and quality for our customers. When designing our homes, we take energy efficiency very seriously to ensure that our homes have a low running cost.


*System engineering and stamped drawings are provided and are in accordance with the National Building Code. We additionally offer costing and estimating services for any project.

All of our steel home packages include the following:


  • Steel structure (Floor, Roof, Wall Panels)
  • Super Insulated (2lb closed set)
  • Metal Roof (DECRA)
  • Heating System (High Efficiency)
  • Air-Exchanger (VENMAR)
  • Steel Foundation (SPX Paverdeck)
  • Exterior 2″ Rigid Foam Insulation
  • R50 Insulated Ceilings
  • High R Value Insulated Walls